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Mission :

To establish such Touch Point in every Corner of Maharashtra. So That Citizen can get all Government Services under one Roof in affordable Cost.

Vision :

Grahak e Suvidha Kendra can be a good option to earn money and can easily grow into a full-time career. Grahak e Suvidha Kendra carries with it all the benefits of owning a business, such as financial independence, Freedom of Personal Work- Freedom of Working hours n several advantages are makes person’s life more meaningful.

Job Or Business? :

Since Corona lockdown, many of us have lost the job or cut in salary, getting new job is like a miracle. Here we are providing the Best opportunity to kick start New Career from small business and transform himself in to big entrepreneur.

Low Maintenance :

Maintenance is only required when your computer gives you trouble. This keeps the costs of running Grahak e Suvidha Kendra very low .

Time Management :

Grahak e Suvidha Kendra has the advantage of “Time” – business can be conducted any hour of the day, any day of the week on any holiday, from anywhere with an Internet connection. This also means that Grahak e Suvidha Kendra of some sort can fit into most people’s lives, whether the business owner has nothing more than a few hours in the morning to manage the business or entire days at his disposal.

Training and Workshops :

OIPL Group has its own quality in term of Training and Development. We have a separate dedicated Trainer’s team to guide at every step to our Grahak e Suvidha Kendra. Many Owners are women and they need additional support till they stand up properly. Our Training Team exactly does the same. We are conducting Special Batches to such Women, Couples to make them more confortable while undergoing in such sessions. We can proudly say, we are the best among all in term of Training and Development Support. We have conducted 6000+Training batches to set up around 2100+Grahak e Suvidha Kendra in MH since 2013.

Cost Effective :

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Grahak e Suvidha Kendra is its cost effectiveness; you are always Tension free from Special Display expenses- Product MRP-Product Expiry Date-Breakages-discount game- Bargaining from Customers- Faulty Stock, nearby by same shops etc. compare to other business.